The Iconic Examples of Modern Furniture

Noguchi coffee table – This furniture was designed around 1904 – 1988 by Isamu Noguchi, is a stage designer, furniture, product architect, landscape, potter, draftsman, and sculptor. This furniture has become famed for its distinctive and exclusive simplicity. It is advanced and as well as natural, and it is one of the most required after pieces related with the contemporary definitive furniture effort.

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Mies van der Rohe Barcelona chair – This furniture has come to signify the design of Bauhaus movement. Most people consider this furniture as useful art, instead of furniture. It was designed for the German Pavilion in 1929 by Mies Van Der Rohe and Lilly Reich at the global fair of design.

Eileen Gray side table – It was designed as a bedside table in 1927 for the guest room in E1027. Eileen Gray home designed this furniture in Cap Martin, France; the irregularity of this piece is the non-conformist characteristic design, and it is style in her architectural furniture and projects.

Le Corbusier Chaise Longue - The features of this furniture is a portable seat piece and a changeable head-rest, which is an initial model of ergonomic project. This piece characterizes the creation form of the manufacturing age over the use of structure and materials.

Marcel Breuer’s Wassily Chair - This modernist formation is one of the greatest iconic designs of furniture. It is also recognized as the Model B3 chair. It was designed in 1925 to 1926 by Marcel Breuer though he was the cabinet-making shop head at the Bauhaus, in Dessau, Germany. This furniture is mainly powerful because it presents a simple, yet light-weight and elegant manufacturing material to be used in constructions in the national space: chrome silver-plated tubular steel. The design of the chair is radical with its symmetrical use and regular planes enclosed by the tubular steel.

Gerrit Rietveld’s Red-Blue Armchair – The first version of this modern furniture were created in 1917. However, they were originally stained the black color, because it is ultimately added to provide the De Stijl characteristics during 1923. The design of this furniture was inexpensively mass-produced.

Information given above about modern furniture, shows that it was started earlier. The significance of this furniture is being valued by some oldest architect.

Materials of Modern Furniture

The materials used in making modern furniture, such as plastics, molded wood and glass. They consider the pioneer, even shocking in contrast to what it came before. This interest in innovative and new methods and materials, which are produced a certain blending of the disciplines of art and technology. It became as a working philosophy between the members of the Deutscher Werkbund. It was the government who sponsored the organization in order to promote the German design and art all over the world.

They evolve a particular interest in using these new materials. With this they might be mass-produced and therefore create good design, which is more accessible to the masses. The materials used in making modern furniture are playing an important role. It can help to make the design more attractive and effective.

The Influential Groups of Modern Furniture

The modernist project looks to have changed out of influences combination: strictly advanced materials and new industrial methods. The following are the different influential groups;

African and Asian culture – It is an aesthetic partiality for the complex and decorative. It was tested not only by new resources and the creativity and courage of some Europeans, but also by the rising access to the design of Asian and African.

The Bauhaus School – It was formerly founded by designer Walter Gropius year 1919 in Weimar, Germany. It was a school art that combined the entire features of art. It adopts the emphasis in Dessau production, but kept its intelligent concerns in the scheme. Through the years, the objective of the organization was to combine aesthetic, commercial, practical, and intellectual concerns over art and skill. It promotes the unity of the entire parts of art & design: from typography to architecture, art, furniture, performance, clothing, and tableware.

Deutscher Werkbund – It was originated in Munich, Germany, year 1907. It was a group of manufacturers, artists, and designers that pushed to make a cultural ideal and to attain through new principles and design in the early 20th century.

De Stijl – This group was originated by Theo Van Doesburg year 1917 in Amsterdam. The movement was created on the values of promoting universality and abstraction by decreasing the extreme features down to the basics of color and form. The design of Dutch commonly has revealed a preference for simple construction and materials, but the designers, artists, and architects of this group struggled for these elements to be combined and make a new graphic culture. The furniture’s characteristic from this movement comprise: level compositions, pure main colors and white and black and easy vertical geometry.

The Philosophy about Modern Furniture

Previous to the modernist movement of design there was an importance on furniture as decoration. On the length of time, a piece is taken to make modern furniture and it was frequently measure on its appeal and worth. The origins of design can be drawn back to the birth of automatic production and Industrial Revolution. With new progressions and resources, and then there is a new appeared philosophy. The emphasis of objects is created for the ornamental purposes to be projects, which promote production, functionality, and accessibility.

The idea of ready-made and accessible design, which is reasonable to anyone, was not only applied to business mechanics. But, it is also to the aesthetics of furniture and architecture. In this philosophy of realism is come to be known as Functionalism. It is one of the well-known catchwords and played a big role in the modern theories of design. The functionalism disallowed the stylistic imitation and the old forms. It required the functionality formation in a piece. The functionalist creators should consider the design’s interaction with its user and on how some of the features such as size, shape and color, would imitate to the human carriage.

However, designs or architectural of furniture had for times, that required to take the lineage idea, a connection with history and tradition. Though, the contemporary movement required novelty, originality, practical innovation, and eventually the message that it carried spoke of the current and the future, instead of what had left before.

Modern furniture

Modern furniture refers to furniture produced from the late 19th century to the present, which is influenced by modernism. During the time of post-WWII, the ideals of cutting excess, practicality and commodification of materials in design heavily influenced the aesthetic of the furniture. It was a tremendous departure from the entire design of furniture that had gone before. There was an opposition to the decorative arts that includes Victorian, Art Nouveau, and Neoclassical styles.

The golden or dark imprinted wood and richly decorative fabrics from gave method to the impressive geometry and simplicity of refined metal. The forms of this furniture changed from visually substantial to light. This is change from decorative to simple values of architecture. Because, of the aesthetic machine, the modern furniture is easily came to encourage factory units. It highlighted the effective principles and time-managing of the period.